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Claim a £300 Free Bet from Sporting Index

Join Sporting Index today and you can claim a free £300 bet after placing 5 bets risking £20*. Sporting Index are dedicated solely to providing sports spread betting and are recognised as the world leader in its field, having captured approximately 70% of the UK’s sports spread betting market.

*Terms and conditions apply. See for details.

Ready to claim your £300 free bet? The Sporting Index interactive demo will soon get you up to speed.

Why spread bet with Sporting Index?

SUPERIOR: We invented in-play betting and our live service is the best around
EXCITEMENT: No fixed winnings: the more you’re right the more you win and vice versa
CONTROL: Lock in a profit, or cut potential losses, whenever you want
VARIETY: Bet on individuals and/or teams to perform well or badly
REWARD: New clients can claim one of the biggest offers available

What is spread betting?

The best way of finding out is to try it out. Here’s a quick example…

STEP 1: We might predict that in a match between Liverpool and Everton, three goals will be scored
STEP 2: You actually think more goals will be scored and therefore bet £10 per goal higher than 3
STEP 3: And the result? Here’s two examples: 5 goals wins you £20. 2 goals loses you £10

This principle can be applied to a huge range of events. On a live football match for example, we have over 150 bets available.

Want to find out more about sports spread betting? The Sporting Index interactive demo will soon get you up to speed.


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