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Cahill Looking Forward

I love Gary Cahill – not literally because I don’t do the player-crush thing but you know what I mean, as a Chelsea player he’s just class.  It’s not just because he seemed to come in and do a great job for us, for me, it’s all about his attitude – it’s spot on.

On the field, he just gets on with the job without any fuss. No drama, no prima donna stuff, he’s just a proper solid player who gives his all. Terry-esque except with pace and without the fireworks.

I was gutted to see him miss out on the Euros through injury, he’ll undoubtedly become as big a fixture within that set-up going forward though as I can see him being for Chelsea. As new as he is to the club, he can already call himself a Champion of Europe and in spite of our poor Premier League finish, thanks largely to the performances under AVB, Cahill’s attitude towards the new season is as positive as ever.

The Chelsea defender says “The most important thing is to improve upon that (last season).  When you look at the previous however many years, they were always finishing first or second.  I’m pretty new to the set-up here, but we’re definitely going to look to improve as we should be.  The squad we’ve got here is fantastic. Obviously with the new faces coming in, we are definitely looking to improve and push for the league.”



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