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The Racism Debate: Got The T-Shirt?

I know you’ll probably have missed it because it was all handled very discreetly, but this week Luis Suarez got himself an 8-game ban and £40,000 fine. I’m not really sure what it was for since Liverpool supporters insist he did nothing wrong, the players seem to have formed a very special fan club all of their own, sporting Suarez-adorned casual wear, whilst the Liverpool manager suggests “undivided support is the least he deserves” but anyway, the loose tongued striker is getting to put his feet up courtesy of the FA anyway.

In the same week, John Terry heard he was being charged with racially abusing Anton Ferdinand.  According to JT, what actually happened was he was telling Ferdinand he wasn’t being racist but it seems the CPS haven’t bought his version of events and he’ll be in court in February.

Now, when the Liverpool players turned out before their midweek game in Suarez t-shirts and their supporters defended this embarrassment down to the ground, my first thought was ‘dear God, please don’t let Chelsea go the same way’.  Of course, at the moment, it is yet to be proved that John Terry has done anything wrong and the club and supporters continue to back him – and quite rightly so.

Irrespective of youtube or any other supposed ‘evidence’ , John Terry remains innocent unless of course he’s proven guilty – but what then? Well, in spite of reading many of our own supporters slating the Liverpool players, supporters and manager, I’m wondering what the reaction will be if the Chelsea captain is found guilty.

As we know, the Chelsea manager has already said “I will be fully supportive of JT whatever the outcome” but what of the supporters? I’m not suggesting for a minute that our captain is racist because it takes more than a few unsavoury words to equal true racism but if he is found guilty, it’s mud that will inevitably stick.  So are the t-shirts going to print no matter what the outcome?

I, for one, won’t be ordering one.





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