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AVB On Racism Row

I’ve refused to buy newspapers for probably about 15 years or more now, I won’t have them in my house and every time I read shite like I came across in yesterday’s Sun, it just strengthens my resolve.  Some bollocks headline about AVB ‘backing’ Poyet’s opinions on racism drew me in – the intention of course – and as usual, what followed gave no weight to the claim whatsoever.

Whilst Poyet seems to be of the opinion that we get a bit out of our pram in England when in comes to racism, the Chelsea manager doesn’t agree and actually endorses the stance taken in our country to stamp it out.

On the former Chelsea midfielder’s comments, Villas-Boas says “Gus Poyet came out with those words because he has the view of the Uruguayan people. It’s not that it’s the correct view but it’s his view of the situation. It doesn’t mean everyone has to agree with what he says. The most important thing is to continue to fight it aggressively to ‘take it out’.”

And in spite of being in the uncomfortable position where one of his own players stand accused of the same thing, the Chelsea manager insists “It should be banned from the sport in any kind of way, in every country, but different countries react differently.  Not that all of them aren’t fighting discrimination and racism, but there are different cultural behaviours.  All of the countries are involved in different kinds of ways in fighting discrimination and racism. It plays a decisive part for England to be one of the most important nations in taking it through.”

Quite right too.



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