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Capello Standing By JT For Now?

So John Terry has been named in the England squad to face Spain on Saturday and Sweden the following Tuesday – and we’ll hear about it every day between now and then!

Of course, the suggestion is he won’t be starting, so Capello’s saved face to an extent as far as ‘supporting’ the current captain whilst trying to keep the anti-JT mob at bay.  Still a bit of an odd decision though given the England manager most certainly bowed to public pressure the last time JT caused controversy.

Maybe shagging a team-mate’s bird is a little worse than an accusation of racism in the England set-up? It’s not as if he’s accused of being racist towards a team-mate is it? And Rio’s conveniently out of harm’s way so there’s no risk of fisticuffs there.  Or maybe Capello’s one of the few who believe guilt needs to be proved before punishment is dished out?

It would seem to be Capello’s most certainly is prepared to go with the latter because following a meeting with the England captain he says “We had a meeting with the FA on Friday. We spoke about John Terry. I think he is innocent until proven guilty. For this reason, I selected him.  On Friday I told him I don’t know if he will play (against Spain) because I want to see new players and he was happy. If he does not play, it is only for football reasons.”

Let’s just get it over with then shall we?



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