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Six Of One, Half A Dozen Of The Other?

After my rants on Twitter all night Sunday, I’ve said as little as possible on here about our game against United and planned tolet it lie – unfortunately though, given everything else in the game except ‘that’ miss (which I’ll skip over) and ‘that’ challenge have been ignored, I just can’t help myself.

You see, I read a comment yesterday about Fergie (with plenty of help from the press obviously) focusing on Cole’s challenge on his precious Herandez – who by the way cries wolf so often it’s not surprising ref’s miss the real thing – and totally drawing any attention away from the offside decisions that helped his side to a two goal lead.  Anyway, that comment was spot on because, as ever, Fergie along with his disciples have done nothing but moan about the ‘penalty’ they never got and the red card Cole got away with.

Immediately after the game, the United boss, complained “It was a shocking challenge.  He (Cole) is very reckless at times.  He is committed, of course, but he sometimes can go over the edge a bit and that was an example of that.  The referee has booked him, but he hasn’t given a penalty kick. I don’t understand that, so I must ask him (Dowd).”

Hopefully Dowd will have explained the rules of the game to Fergie by now, so at least he won’t have to go on about some phantom penalty he thinks he was done out of again although given how easily Dowd gave the other penalty, I suppose it’s easy to see why he’d be confused.  As for the red card, I won’t bother arguing it because clearly it could easily have been a sending off if Dowd had seen it although given he needed to consult with the linesman, he obviously hadn’t.  And before any reds start frothing at the mouth about the linesmen missing it – all I’ll say is ‘two offsides’!

As the Chelsea manager said in Cole’s defence “Maybe he wouldn’t have been sent off if the linesman does his work.  He would have been less emotionally drained and maybe if it was 0-0, Ashley would have been in more control of the situation and not done that red-card foul.  I’m not looking for excuses. It’s the reality because it’s 2-0 rather than 0-0. It was a good game for Phil (Dowd), but I’m pretty unhappy with the linesman.”

And United can argue he’s wrong all they want because whether they want to admit it or not, player’s are bloody human and just like the rest of us – once a couple of decisions go against you, you won’t see anything else that happens because that red mist gets in the way!



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