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United vs CHELSEA: Talking To The Enemy

Here we go again then, it’s United vs Chelsea and The Republik of Mancunia vs The Chelsea Blog.  The game just wouldn’t be the same without our usual pre-match banter. So let’s see what the cocky Red’s Scott’s got to say ahead of this one:

TheChelseaBlog: With the FA being so anti-United and all that, I expect you’ll be thinking about the ref’s role in the game?

Scott the Red: He usually has a big say in Chelsea’s victories over us. This time it’s Phil “look at me” Dowd in charge so it’s almost certain he’ll make some ridiculous decision which makes it all about him. Maybe he’ll send Rooney off for throwing the ball back for a freekick to be retaken again. Who knows? But that guy pisses me off.


TCB: I’m obviously gutted it’s not Atkinson but the ref aside, are there any of our players that might trouble you?

STR: I’m always waiting for Fernando Torres to return. In all his performances against us he’s been a joke and I guess I’m just expecting him to put in the kind of shift he did against us for Liverpool at some point. Mata is new and looks pretty handy. Sturridge will be eager to impress in Drogba’s absence and he’s clearly talented. I’m glad Drogba is out though. It was really kind of Ancelotti to leave him out of the games against us last season. Much appreciated.


TCB: Clearly Roman didn’t appreciate his generosity! There seems to be divided opinion on De Gea so far, how do you think he’ll stand up to this one?

STR: De Gea has been fine. A lot of fuss over nothing. All keepers have the odd fuck up. But this lad was #1 for one of the best sides in Spain, has won the UEFA Cup and it stands to reason he needs some time to settle.


TCB: Fergie says its agony choosing between his strikers and obviously my heart bleeds for him. Who would you go for though?

STR: Rooney and Chicharito, without question. You wouldn’t be surprised if both of them scored more than 20 goals this season.


TCB: Hopefully not all against us tomorrow though. What about Berba, do you think he’ll spend the whole season being paid to sit on the bench?

STR: Yes. I couldn’t believe he didn’t start against Benfica. I don’t know what the manager is thinking about. But obviously, he knows better than me. You can’t fault Berba’s attitude though and the manager is praiseworthy of this. He’ll play against Leeds but Welbeck will be back soon and apparently he is higher in pecking order. You know how much I rate Berbatov so it’s disappointing but my loyalty is always with Fergie.


TCB: We haven’t failed to notice you’ve started the season with a bang and everyone assumes the league was won after two games, will you sustain that and put Kleenex sales through the roof every week though?

STR: I’d be amazed if we played this well until May. No team does that. But we’ve been without Vidic, Rio, Park, Valencia, Rafael, Fletcher and Chicharito for most of the season, so when they are fully fit and ready, you’d imagine we could even improve. Who knows?


TCB: What do you think is the biggest difference between last season’s United and this season’s?

STR: It’s hard to tell. Rooney was awful at the start of last season and has been amazing this season, so maybe that’s a catalyst for it. We obviously have a lot of young players in the side and they’re all eager and raring to go, so I suppose that has a positive impact too. Young has been a great buy, much to my surprise. I feel great about this season though but last year I was just desperate for us to drag ourselves over the finish line and for it to end. It feels very different but it’s early days.


TCB: Yeh I think I remember the odd complaint last season! Who do you think has been your best player so far this season?

STR: Rooney, without question. He’s been on fire. He’s scoring goals, he’s coming deep to collect the ball, he’s going wide when needed, he’s sprinting back to win the ball. He’s all the descriptions that have been used for Rooney when he’s at his best and he’s been like that every game. Long may it continue.


TCB: Can’t say I share your sentiments there really.

Anyway, for a few seasons now, we’ve had our battles but who would you say are your biggest rivals this season?

STR: In the pre-season, I said Chelsea. Watching them this season, it’s hard to be so sure of that. We’re only a few games in and Chelsea certainly have the experience of going the distance. As much as it pains me to say it, City will be the team we’ll finish above to win the league, not Chelsea.


TCB: What will we find to row about? Finally, give us your prediction.

STR: We’re playing so much better than you but you never know. 2-1 United.


TCB: Still enough to gloat over knowing you. Cheers Scotty




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