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That Rafa Nonsense & Why Carlo Should Stay


Ok, if I’m honest, the headline had me worried. I mean, can you imagine Rafa at Chelsea? Nope, me neither. Appointing Avram Grant for a season was bad enough but Rafa Benitez? There aren’t enough A4 pads at Stamford Bridge to get him through a press conference to be honest.

Still, after reading headlines telling you the FSW would be ready to replace Ancelotti, copious amounts of oxygen have to be gulped down before you risk reading on so I didn’t beat myself up for half believing it. Thankfully I did manage to read on though and as it turns out, it sounds like the usual nonsense. Off the back of Benitez saying a month ago “If I have good offers from abroad it will be OK, but my priority is to return to the Premier league” he’s suddenly ‘ready’ to take over from Ancelotti. Well, that and the fact that we now have Fernando Torres of course.

Anyway, this is all assuming Carlo Ancelotti isn’t around next season and whilst the press seem to have made their minds up he won’t be, that’s not to say either Abramovich or Ancelotti agree. Of course, we should expect this sort of thing from journalists because they do it most seasons anyway. If there’s column inches to fill why not speculate about the Chelsea manager as the season comes to an end? We’re so used to it, it’s almost a national sport now.

Obviously Roman Abramovich has never helped our cause the way we’ve gone through managers since his arrival and given the speculation last season, when Carlo brought us the double, we can’t really be surprised potential successors fill the back pages in a season when we’ve won nothing. But with the calibre of available managers out there not even equal to Carlo, nevermind better, what’s the point?

I know, I know, I said this to an opposition blogger yesterday and the idea of us not changing the manager seemed to amuse him too but just because Roman’s patience seems to have struggled with the concept of stability in the past doesn’t mean to say the penny won’t drop one day. Ancelotti hasn’t brought us bad press, hasn’t signed any muppets just for the sake of adding numbers and whilst we know a couple of bad months have cost us this season, he’s somehow managed to get us back up to second and mathematically not quite dead in the water just yet, so do we really need to get rid?



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