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Undecided on Drogba future


Didier Drogba should stay, no he should go, he should stay, he should go. You get the idea. I have been as indecisive as Carlo Ancelotti on Chelsea’s title chances about the best decision to make with regards to the Drogba.

Before I look through the arguments for and against him staying at Stamford Bridge, let me clarify that I am aware it isn’t my decision to make. I am at the other end of the phone if Mr Ancelotti wants a chat though.

Anyway, onto topic – Didier Drogba’s future. There has been much speculation about whether this could be his last season for Chelsea, with many expecting him to move on to pastures new in the summer months.

The latest on this has been Ancelotti’s comments after the victory at West Brom. Those of you that regularly watch live football will know that Drogba was influential in the 3-1 win, scoring the equaliser and putting in a good all-round display.

The Italian said: “He has been a very important player for the club in the past, and he will be for the club in the future. It is important he trains, to have good control of his body, and do everything to maintain his fitness.

Ancelotti also mentioned that the arrival of Fernando Torres has no influence on whether Drogba stays at the club. You have to wonder if this would be any different if Torres was banging the goals in, but anyway.

The bottom line from the Chelsea boss was that if Drogba maintains his fitness, there is no reason why he can’t still have a positive impact for Chelsea over the next few years.

This is all well and good and you would back Drogba to keep himself fit. That isn’t the issue with regards to whether Chelsea should keep him though. If the club kept him as long as he was physically fit, he would be in the squad when he was 40-years-old you’d imagine.

What Ancelotti has to consider is whether Drogba continuing is in the best interests of the team going forward. He has of course been a legend for the Blues, but let me ask you these questions.

Is Torres going to be able to shine more with or without Drogba? Is it about time Chelsea moved on from the Drogba era? At 33-years-old is he the player he once was? Would it be refreshing to see Chelsea go into next season with a younger strike force?

I’m not sure what the answers are to these questions and I guess that is my point. What are your thoughts on Drogba’s future? There seems to be arguments for and against, so your views would be much appreciated!

To clarify, Drogba is still a fantastic player and a legend at Stamford Bridge. I’m not questioning that in the slightest. His situation is just something that needs to be looked at in the summer as Chelsea look to get back in contention for silverware next year.



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