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Sneaky Second For Chelsea?

As games go, I couldn’t have been more bored at the thought of Arsenal v Liverpool at the weekend. No surprise really, I can’t stand either of them and despite our win over West Brom, I’d just about resigned myself to us going for third place this season.
That idea was just about cemented with Arsenal’s penalty 3 weeks after kick-off but as it happened, Wenger’s semi never got the chance to fully establish itself before he was offered the equivalent of a footballing cold shower and some sound advice from Dalglish following the decision at the opposite end.
All in all then, a very interesting end to the game and not least because we’ve suddenly found ourselves just 2 points adrift of Arsenal. Not exactly what we might have aspired to at the start of the campaign maybe but given it wasn’t that long ago the question was whether we’d even qualify for a Champions League spot, not to be sniffed at either.
Obviously there’s still six games to go, so anything could happen but if we can beat Birmingham on Wednesday and they fail to beat Spurs, we’d go above them before we even get to the weekend and put ourselves in a much better position for the run-in. And with four out of our remaining six games at home and four of Arsenal’s six away, it’s looking like we might just salvage a respectable finish to what’s been a pretty questionable season.



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