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Chelsea Selling Torres? Nonsense


Ok, so I think we’ve all noticed Torres still hasn’t quite managed to open his scoring account for us but he’s not the first striker in the world ever to go through a barren spell and unless no-one ever kicks a ball again from this day forward, he won’t be the last either.

Yes, he cost £50million but price tags unfortunately, don’t translate into contracts with specified requirements for goals/game ratio, so we’ll just have to live with him not scoring….until he does. Or will we? Because according to some areas of the press, Roman Abramovich is losing patience already and will consider selling Torres in the summer.

Surely that’s a ridiculous idea? I mean, Didier Drogba, at 33, is the easier bet for a summer departure and no-one would be particularly surprised if Anelka (32) left with him. Hang on though, because the press have heard it from one of them ‘Chelsea insider’s’ who allegedly insists “I know the owner is not happy with his investment. He could even sell Torres in the summer, despite having just bought him.”

I’m guessing that particular Chelsea ‘insider’ might actually have been a five year old who just happened to be wearing the shirt whilst toddling along holding his mum’s hand in the general area of West London because to be honest, even a kiddie that age could work out the Chelsea owner could work out Roman would be happier if Torres scored. Then again, only a child would dream up a theory whereby a business would try and sell off a £50million asset at a loss, and undoubtedly it would be a loss, before he’s allowed any time at all for his investment to grow.

Of course we’d all be happier to see Torres start scoring – well, all of us at Chelsea anyway – although I’m not so sure about the press and their ‘insiders’.  Oh and in case you’re reading Nando…’s the two white posts with the net in the middle. 🙂



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