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Fergie Giving Refs Benefit Of The Doubt? Surely Not?


So, with us set to face United three more times this season, twice in the Champions League before our league game against them in May, Sir Alex Ferguson is keen to keep the usual paranoia at bay.

It’s fair to say we may have had some generous decisions against them at times, particularly in managing to keep 11 men for the duration of our most recent win over them and whilst at the time, Fergie’s fury resulted in a five-match touchline ban and a £30,000 fine to the FA, he believes their ability is what will matter now

The United manager insists “I think the last few games we’ve had terrible decisions against us and you’ve just got to be careful you don’t have paranoia about it. But ability-wise we’re a good team, we played exceptionally well at Chelsea in the last game. We were very, very unlucky and we didn’t deserve to lose the game. We take that into the game because ability-wise we don’t have a problem.”

I’d have to say I’m not sure the vast majority of Reds would agree with his sentiments there though. I mean, of course they’ll agree that decisions have gone against them and they’ll certainly tell us that without the twelfth man we’d never beat them on the day (they are United and they’ll do what they want remember), but dropping the paranoia? They’ll never manage that to be honest.

Mind you, just in case the man himself does have a relapse (or better still we get Atkinson again) Fergie suggests “If you speak your mind it’s a problem in the game. They’re very strong in supporting the referees. In a way I totally agree with that, but there’s got to be fair comment also, and I think I try to do that.”

So, is he really going to put the paranoia aside and behave himself or is this more about exerting a little early pressure on the FA?



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