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Why Chelsea Should Be Grateful They’ve Got Ancelotti


For any Chelsea supporter out there who’s still not sure exactly what Carlo Ancelotti brings to the club, here’s a sobering thought for you – just be glad it isn’t still Scolari running the show.

I mean I always knew the bloke was pretty bad at it but having just read what he’s had to say about some of his ideas during his time with us, to say I’m relieved he went is about as understated as Katie Price’s cleavage. No wonder they bloody sacked him.

It was pretty obvious at the time, in spite of the usual blurb from the players in the press, no-one really had confidence in him and little wonder with him now admitting not only did his command of the language lead to misunderstandings in the dressing room but his idea of selling off the family silver was even more confusing.

Not that he planned to empty the trophy cabinet or anything, that’d just be daft, nope Scolari wanted to sell Didier Drogba and top that by bringing in Adriano – the very same Adriano who ended up departing Inter Milan having failed to bother returning from international duty. He also failed in his bid to bring Robinho in from Real Madrid – although much of the credit for that farce has to go to Peter Kenyon, who ultimately did us a favour as it turned out.

Two years on though, Scolari admits “It was my fault that I could not control the locker room in different situations. I tried to do something about that and I tried to sign Robinho, because I wanted someone who could improvise. In England, you need someone like that. I also tried a switch to release Drogba for Adriano, because Adriano was having some problems at Inter. I told the directors that I could manage his behaviour problems. He (Drogba) wanted to recover from injury in a big clinic in Paris, in the summer, I said no . Anelka, who never scored much against anyone, was my top scorer. When Drogba recovered, I couldn’t take Anelka out.”

But whilst he somehow thought he could handle a wayward Adriano, he concedes even a straightforward conversation in his own dressing room was a bit beyond him at times, stating Ballack was always a little angry because Deco was signed and I had indicated him. But I indicated Deco not to take Ballack out but to add to the squad. But I couldn’t explain that. Probably I couldn’t express myself the way I normally do in Brazil.”

I mean, coming from a manager who was in charge of a top four Premier League club, that’s a pretty shocking admission, no? Anyway, whilst we certainly didn’t shed any tears over his departure, the Brazilian suggests “Until this day, I’m saddened by what happened. It is a marvellous league, a dream place, my son was studying in a great school, we were living very well. That got me really sad.”

I’m sure the pay-off eased his heavy heart though and having read what he’s had to say, now more than ever I’d have to suggest it was worth every penny.



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