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Chelsea Getting Too Close For Bitter van Persie?


Most regular readers will know I can’t stand Arsenal. Usually though, I can pretty much ignore any of the paranoid rantings from Wenger and his harem of pussies – or at least just have a right good laugh at the latest conspiracy theory to come out of the Emirates after a defeat/decision that goes against them/anything that’s remotely negative for them.

This time though, the latest bullshit just happens to be being spouted by my least favourite of the lot – who, despite somehow managing to get away with publicly gobbing off about a ref after Arsenal were played off the pitch by Barcelona, hasn’t finished ranting yet.

I’m pretty sure had it been certain other players expressing a derogatory opinion on a Champions League ref – an opinion broadcast to millions – a little bit more might have been made of it but anyway, rather than give his mouth a slightly lower profile than usual, the Arsenal mouthpiece has now decided to have a go at Barcelona and Chelsea.

The penny might have just dropped for van Pussie that not only are they in the familiar position of being out of the Champions League but they’ve predictably started to leak points in the league again as well, so with us just 4 points behind them now he whines “Barcelona’s players have the habit of whingeing about everything, and that is disappointing. In England, Chelsea’s players behave in the same way. Barca are a great team, but they shouldn’t overdo the moaning as they become b****y annoying. They dispute every decision, with five players confronting the referee. I like their style of play, but find them unsporting as well. They behaved like this in their two games against Arsenal. It was not so clever and rather unsportsmanlike.”

Coming immediately after his bitching about the ‘joke’ ref costing them a Champions League place, that has to be just a little ironic, no?



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