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Time To Give Torres A Break?


I don’t know about anyone else but this whole thing about Fernando Torres not scoring for us yet is getting a bit tedious.

Obviously a £50million transfer fee comes with some pretty high expectations, but there’s no rule that says that sort of money has to equal immediate goals. In fact, if anything, that sort of transfer fee is more likely to equal less than the expected impact initially, simply because the weight of expectation is such a heavy one.

I was reading an article on Monday that echoed my thoughts exactly, because it pointed to the fact that when players like Bergkamp and Thierry Henry first arrived in the Premier League, it took them a while to find their feet. And whilst you could suggest they had the Premier League to adapt to, the same can’t be said for Bebatov, who might have scored but certainly never completely convinced a lot of United supporters in his first couple of seasons.

Torres himself doesn’t seem to be quite as obsessed with getting his first goal for us as the rest of the country is though, because the Spanish striker says “I am not anxious about the fact that I haven’t scored my first goal for Chelsea. This is an issue for the papers, not for me. I am confident that the goal will soon come, but it is more important that Chelsea win than I score.”

And whilst John Aldridge can suggest as smugly as he likes that Torres has ‘made his bed and has to lie in it’, bearing in mind his former club look to have nothing but a battle for their channel 5 slot next season to look forward to (if that), Nando clearly doesn’t find that too difficult, stating “I came to Chelsea to win titles and make the most of my career. I would not count Chelsea out of the title race in the Premier League. There is still a chance. The Champions League game against Manchester United will be hard because they are the worst possible draw. The situation is 50/50, though, and we can go through.”

Mind you, whilst Carlo Ancelotti like me, continues to have complete faith In Torres, I’m not altogether sure that faith is reciprocated because he goes on “I am a fan of (Sir Alex) Ferguson because he is a coach that fights for victory, like (Pep) Guardiola, (Jose) Mourinho or (Rafa) Benitez. It is a delight for any player to work with this kind of coach and feed off their success.”

Of course he might have remembered Ancelotti’s name if he left him on for 90 minutes, which realistically is what he needs if he’s going to believe Carlo’s words – actions do speak louder than them after all.



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