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Carlo More Forgiving Than The FA Over Fergie


Whatever we might think of Carlo Ancelotti’s ability to take Chelsea forward after this season and I know there’s still some debate about that, the one thing beyond doubt is how good he is on the PR front.

Not that he always has an awful lot to say because he’s not one to spout off for the sake of hearing his own voice but what he does say never does us any harm PR-wise. In fact, after the contrasting drama and dullness of Mourinho and Grant, the press would find it hard to clutch at as much as a small twig to beat Carlo with. And Ancelotti’s reaction to Fergie’s five game touchline ban as a result of comments made after our game, is just another example of why that is.

Not best pleased with the way Martin Atkinson officiated our 2-1 win over United, Fergie suggested “You want a fair referee, or a strong referee anyway – and we didn’t get that. I must say, when I saw who the referee was I feared it. I feared the worst.” So, not exactly thrilled with his opinion, the FA hit Fergie with a five match ban and £30,000 fine.

However, irrespective of whatever Fergie had to say, Carlo Ancelotti suggests the punishment was unnecessarily harsh, stating “I think that, my opinion, is that Ferguson has always had good behaviour and I think five games now is too much. There is no reason he has to be out for five matches and I do not think that can change their strength and the power of Manchester United. I know what he said after the game. Obviously it was not good behaviour but five games is too much.”

Mind you, whilst I might say Carlo’s just a thoroughly nice chap, I’m sure there’ll be others who suggest he can afford to be generous since he came out of it with 3 points whilst his counterpart gets to spend the whole of April in the stands. 🙂



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