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Torres At Chelsea Before The Close Of Business?

Obviously everyone has an opinion on Torres coming to Chelsea, some we agree with and some we don’t. Whether the argument is about the cost of the transfer, who we should send as part of the deal or even how we plan to accommodate him in our side, you’d have to think the one thing most of us can agree on is that we just need to get the deal done.

It may well have only been going on in this transfer window for a few days but considering the speculation in the summer and the fact that Liverpool managed to convince Torres to stay then, it has the potential to be disastrous if it doesn’t happen today.

Disastrous for us because yet again, we’ll have lost out very publicly on a player we clearly want and as TheChelseaBlog pointed out yesterday, that won’t do our credibility a lot of good in the windows to come. Not to mention the fact that right now, we could actually really do with a player like Torres to give us a push in our attempts to claw back some points.

Disastrous for Torres because on top of blatantly not wanting to be at Liverpool anymore, his bridges are probably more than a bit singed right now (not to mention the odd shirt knowing the dippers). Of course, fans are fickle and whilst his name could be mud today, they’d soon be singing it again if the deal wasn’t done but with rumours of his team-mates already alleged to be slating him, you’d have to think the Liverpool dressing room wouldn’t be the most welcoming place for the Spaniard anymore.

Former Liverpool man Stan Collymore suggests it’d be more of a risk on our part to sign Torres, suggesting “A £50m outlay plus £20m in wages for (Roman Abramovich) who has been reluctant to spend money in comparison to when he first came in represents a massive gamble on Chelsea’s part. Because Fernando Torres’s injury record isn’t particularly great that £50m or £60m could be used to strengthen in other areas. It’s much like the Darren Bent scenario with Aston Villa. Yes, spend £18m for a goalscorer but only if you continue to add in the other areas.”

Firstly, the injuries argument isn’t one I buy into with Torres because for a start, as pointed out by TheChelseaBlog back in October, if you look at the time he spent out in the 2009/10 season and then look at the fact he’d still managed 18 goals from 22 games, the potential for adding to our attacking force would be pretty frightening for the opposition. Add to that the fact that at Chelsea, unlike Liverpool, we already have Didier Drogba, who, when he’s fit, well and in the mood, can be pretty deadly on his own. So Torres wouldn’t be run anywhere near as ragged alongside that sort of calibre for a strike partner – so already, you’d have to think the potential for injuries would reduce.

As for the comparison with Darren Bent, well I’m not going to go there, but suffice to say I take the point about adding in other areas and would counter that by saying it’s no secret Chelsea have already been trying to do that defensively. Do we need to do it in midfield as well? I’d say not.

Actually, there wasn’t much of what Collymore had to say that I agreed with (no major surprises there!) although when it comes to letting Torres go, he said at least one thing that made sense, when he questioned “If Fernando Torres stays and his heart isn’t in it what value is that to Liverpool come the end of the season?”

What value indeed? Because as much as the rest of us would quite happily see Liverpool dragged down even further than they are so far this season, here at Chelsea, we’d rather Torres wasn’t dragged down with them.

Sign him up Roman!



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