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Liverpool Dipping In Chelsea Bin?


When Joe Cole went to Liverpool, it’s fair to say I wasn’t impressed. I mean, he’d done nothing but spout off about how much he wanted to stay at Chelsea, how much he loved us blah, blah, blah, the usual shite players spout I guess – except I believed this particular player.

Anyway, he went and whilst I can’t stand the sight of him in their shirt, when it comes to him playing I’m fairly indifferent. I’m sure I wouldn’t feel that way if he’d actually done something there but the fact that he’s struggled even more there than he did for us helps. I suppose the way I see it now is that if he wanted to go to a club who were clearly going nowhere when he signed for them – and embarrass himself by going on about signing for the ‘biggest club in the country’ – then that’s more his problem than ours.

Needless to say then, hearing Steve Clarke is now Dalglish’s right hand man didn’t please me greatly either. He was a loyal servant at Chelsea for 20 years, so we were bound to form an attachment to him and it pains me. Obviously he’s been gone a while and whilst I hated the idea of him (and Zola) at West Ham, Scolari hadn’t given him any respect at all really, so we couldn’t blame him for wanting to team up with someone like Gianfranco. I suppose what bothers me more about Clarke going to Liverpool is that he’s a bloody good coach and they don’t deserve him.

Anyway, not done there with ex-Chelsea men, it seems Liverpool may well be after yet another of our former players who struggled to get games for us because rumour has it they’re after Shaun Wright-Phillips. As we know, Shauny returned to the club we forced him away from (amid much gloating I seem to remember) and yet again, on finding himself amongst a higher caliber of signings, couldn’t cut the mustard. Strange that really because when it was the Chelsea side he couldn’t get into, I recall us being held up as the club who wrecked his career. Still, where else would a player go who can’t get in the Chelsea side? Well according to the press – Liverpool.

Mind you, when I read the headlines yesterday that Liverpool also planned to put in a bid for ‘the best left back in the world’, I nearly choked on my beer at the idea of Dalglish trying to tempt Ashley Cole there. Don’t panic though, it was clearly a misprint because the left-back they’re after is Benfica’s Fabio Coentrao. Phew!



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