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Joe Cole Thinks His New Captain ‘Deserves’ The Title


It wasn’t all that long ago TheChelseaBlog was singing Joe Cole’s praises on a regular basis, adamant we should keep such a loyal and committed player at the club. He might have struggled for a regular place in the Chelsea side but there was no questioning his love for the club right?

Why would there be? A loyal player and supporter who’d made it clear he wanted to stay at Chelsea, he’d certainly never have anything but the utmost respect for us would he?

Well, I think that respect was challenged when he left us for Liverpool for a start but even that was nothing compared to the shit he started spouting as soon as he got there. Because for everything he’d said about his loyalty to Chelsea prior to the move, the minute he stepped foot inside Anfield, Cole was gushing “It’s a dream come true. I’ve only been here for a couple of days and my head is still in the clouds. It has all happened so quickly. I could have stayed at Chelsea because the fans loved me and I won things, but I wanted to challenge myself and when I knew Liverpool were interested it was a no-brainer because they are the biggest club in the country.”

As sickening as it gets from a former Chelsea man? Apparently not because having sucked up to the dippers the second he arrived, he’s now set about the task of welding his lips firmly to his new captain’s arse with his latest declaration that Gerrard ‘deserves’ the title.

Kiss-arse Cole says “He’s a tremendous player. I’ve known Steven since I was 17 or 18 and I obviously trained and played with him for England for 10 years so I know what he’s all about, but when you see him in a Liverpool shirt he’s even better.

“A player like him deserves to win the Championship, I know that’s what he wants over the next four to five years at the club. He’s a fantastic player and if he plays well the team plays well and it’s up to me now to assist him and try and help the club move on. All the lads here have got belief in what the manager wants us to do and the new signings have looked good. It’s a re-build for us but we’re doing alright, and we just need to keep improving slowly and gradually.”

Funny he never felt the need for these embarrassingly public announcements at Chelsea eh?



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