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Chelsea’s Good Start Down To Mourinho, So What Happened To Real Madrid’s?

Jose Mourinho began another stage in his much publicised career yesterday, with a terribly exciting 0-0 against Mallorca, Not that I particularly care how he does although I admit to being amused with that result because whilst he undoubtedly brought success to Chelsea during his time with us, the man clearly has an inability either to move on or to allow Chelsea to do the same.

He might well have brought success to Inter Milan as well, and even moved up to the more prestigious position at the Bernabeu, but he’s never been able to leave Chelsea behind. We know he shoots his mouth off incessantly, he did it often enough at Chelsea and we either applauded him for it or excused him for it. Now he’s not at Chelsea though, it’s easier to see how embarrassing it is and for me, as mad as it might sound given his success, I can’t help seeing him as insecure.

You know the sort right? The Jones’ cut their grass, he goes for full on topiary. The Jones’ get themselves a nice new family car, he gets himself a Porsche. In fact, whatever anyone else does, his achievements have to be bigger and better – particularly when it comes to Chelsea.

Oh he might kid some people into thinking he actually cares about Chelsea and that he’s ok with us doing well, yet any half-hearted compliment he throws our way usually comes with some sort of disclaimer on behalf of anyone but himself. He did it when we won the double last season, despite having left 3 seasons earlier. And he’s doing it again after our good start to this season.

Quite how Mourinho feels the credit is his, I’m not sure, but in preparation for his management of the second club since being invited to leave Chelsea, he says “I want to install a philosophy in Madrid that future coaches will only ever have to upgrade. I’m very proud to see Chelsea still winning. I like to leave my mark at the clubs where I work. Ancelotti has found everything in place – good working conditions, the right working mentality, a squad that is good for 10 years. He just needs to add a new player here and there and his own ideas.”

I mean, maybe I’m missing something but whilst there’s still some personnel from Mourinho’s era (and some who were there before him), the way we play under Ancelotti bears very little similarity to ‘Mourinho’s Chelsea’. In fact, even the attitude of our players bears no resemblance to the ‘hard done by victims’ bred by TSO and I can’t really remember the last time we mobbed the refs. So if Mourinho believes any of our success these days is a legacy he bestowed on us, then he’s kidding himself because his ‘mark’ has been erased.

As for insinuating Ancelotti had everything sorted for a ten year stint and just needs ‘his own ideas’, Mourinho really does make himself look like a desperate man. Either that or he’s forgotten that prior to coming to Chelsea, Ancelotti’s honours included the Intertoto Cup, the Coppa Italia, Serie A, the Supercoppa Italiana, a couple of Champions League’s and the FIFA Club World Cup. So hardly someone either unused to success or short of his own ideas.

And certainly not someone who needs a pat on the head from a man whose insecurities probably stem from the fact that despite his success at Chelsea, the board could see TSO’s initial ‘impact’ wasn’t quite so ‘special’ anymore.



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