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Chatting To The Opposition: Fulham Fan On Sturridge, Top Four and Signing Bellamy

Fulham enjoyed a great season on the continent last season, reaching as far as the final in the Europa League, but this had negative effects on their domestic season.

Their manager has now left them for City, with former Chelsea striker, Mark Hughes, taking on the role.

Russell from Cottagers Confidential has had a chat about their hopes for next season.

TCB: Have any of the transfers surprised you over the summer?

CC: The only transfer so far for Fulham has been Phillipe Senderos. I wasn’t surprised by the signing because there was a good amount of speculation of him coming to Fulham.

TCB: Are there any players you’d have fancied signing?

CC: Fulham need some help up front. I would love to see if they could really make a run at Craig Bellamy. I also wouldn’t mind seeing them go after Stephen Ireland for midfield help.

TCB: Which club are you looking forward to playing most? And least?

CC: I look forward to Fulham playing Liverpool. It should be interesting matches this season. I think the players will have something to prove. I also feel that Hodgson will want to beat his old club. I least look forward to Fulham playing Chelsea. Fulham don’t match up well with Chelsea.

TCB: Who can you see finishing in the top four and who’ll be possible relegation fodder?

CC: The top four teams I have are Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, and Chelsea. To be relegated the teams I have are Blackpool, West Brom, and Wolverhampton.

TCB: Which club could be the Premier League’s dark horse?

CC: I will go with Birmingham City. This is a very disciplined side that is difficult to break down. I don’t think many clubs look forward to playing them.

TCB: How do you think you did last season and what are you hoping for this time round?

CC: In the Europa League what more can I realistically ask for. They went much farther than I had dreamed. In regards to the League I was disappointed by being 12th. Fulham are much better than that.

TCB: Which manager impresses you most?

CC: That would be Roy Hodgson. To take Fulham from relegation to the Europa League Final is an incredible achievement. His clubs are very disciplined and do not beat themselves.I would watch out for Liverpool in the future.

TCB: If you could have any of our players in your squad, who would you go for and why?

CC: It would be Daniel Sturridge. Fulham are in need of strikers and the fact that he is a young player would have major interest to me.

TCB: Which player do you think will stand out for you?

CC: It will be Bobby Zamora. I think he is going to have a monster season. He is now healthy and I feel he is going to add on to what he did last season.

TCB: How do you think you’ll do when you play us?

CC: I think we will lose at Stamford Bridge and tie at Craven Cottage.

TCB: Wouldn’t be the worst results for us. Cheers.



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