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POLL: Where Should Joe Cole Have Gone?

After failing to accept Chelsea’s final offer on a contract, Joe Cole was linked with moves to Arsenal, Manchester United, Spurs and Liverpool. Having spent seven years playing for the team he grew up supporting, winning the Premiership title and several trophies, you would think Cole would have been more than content with his career.

However, after signing for Liverpool, a team we have really grown to hate, Cole seems to have stuck the knife in to fans who always stood by and respected him.

He claims that moving Liverpool is “a dream come true”, that his new club are “massive” and “the biggest in the country”. He reckons their atmosphere, which our fans mocked during our last European night there, makes it a “no-brainer” to join them. He fails to mention that Liverpool were the only club to offer him a four year deal on “massive” wages though.

From the point of view of a Chelsea fan, is signing for Liverpool for the money the worst thing he could do? Or would it have been more painful seeing him trying to help Manchester United win the league? Or seeing him trying to fit in with Wenger’s kids? Or playing for ‘arry at White Hart Lane? Or do you honestly just not care what happens to our former players once they leave Stamford Bridge?



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