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Chelsea Taking Hard-Line Over Shamed Player?

For any of you who regularly read TheChelseaBlog, you’ll know my feelings on the whole Adrian Mutu saga.

In a nutshell, the bloke didn’t fulfil the terms of his contract with us – because he was too busy shoving half a ton of Bolivian marching powder up his nostrils. Rather than say he’s sorry though, when the club justifiably kick him into touch, he does his international playboy bit for a while, finds himself another club to pick up his career with then whinges like a bitch in his newfound role as the poor little victim.

Yes, big bad Chelsea had the audacity to be pissed off that a player should put recreational drug use ahead of a professional footballing career. I mean, surely a bit of drug use is permitted in football eh? Oh no wait, he was meant to be a professional…………except his form had dipped to Sunday League standard all of a sudden because he wanted to have his coke cake and eat it.

Anyway, as we know, the club were a little peeved to end up with neither the player nor any return on the millions they’d paid for him and decided to take a stand. Or at least they’d have liked to, if Mutu and his agent had any intention of sticking to the PFA ruling on the compensation awarded.

But as we also know, Mutu and his agent decided to drag it out to the bitter end where a years of appealing to everyone but the pope has totted up the legal fees and left the outstanding balance at €17 – and Mutu has to pay it!

Obviously the poor little victim continues to plead poverty and his agent, as subtle as ever, has allegedly told SkySport24 the big bad wolves at Chelsea have asked FIFA to ban Mutu from football until his debt is paid in full.

Now, whether there is even a grain of truth in this is debatable because Becali’s been nothing but a stirrer from start to finish and if he was any sort of agent, would’ve seen Mutu was fighting a losing battle anyway. And to keep up the nonsense even after Mutu’s been caught yet again, suggests Mutu’s either very generous or very convincing. Whichever it is, it really is time to give up the ghost and face the consequences and Mutu will have to pay what he owes.

Community service cleaning boots maybe?



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