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John Terry Safe As England Prepare To Do Battle

Well, the debate about John Terry rages on but one thing’s for sure ahead of this afternoon’s crunch game against Slovenia – irrespective of how much he’s pissed off Capello – he isn’t dropped!

After using the press to deliver the message that the former England captain had made a “big mistake” to publicly give a shit about how England’s World Cup campaign has gone so far, Fabio Capello has conceded “John Terry is one of the most important players (for England).” So, he’s hardly going to drop him after that sort of declaration is he?

The England manager went on to admit he might have “made some mistakes” against the United States and Algeria (no kidding!) but insists everything in camp England is rosy, stating “Every time when I speak with the players they follow me. The players are happy. They trained very well. I think it’s normal to have pressure at the moment. We have a play-off to be in or out. We have to win.”

So, did he make mistakes?

I’ve been one of a few who has had reservations about Capello from the start. Not only is he not English but for me, he’s always been far too detached from England in general. There’s not the slightest bit of emotional attachment at all and whilst I’m not advocating another high expressed emotion style manager in the Keegan vein, we at least need someone who could care less. He could be managing Barcelona or Brazil, it would all mean the same thing to him – it’s just a job.

As for his management style itself, giving players five minutes notice before they get on the bus that they’re actually playing might not be the best psychological preparation I’ve ever heard of. And what about his formation and team selection? How he (and every other manager before him) continues to overlook the advantages of playing someone like Joe Cole is mystifying but at least he’s pretty consistent in terms of refusing to see that his preferred system just isn’t working I suppose.

Not that anyone other than John Terry is prepared to admit it of course because Rio’s stand-in (and all round arse-kisser) Stevie Me is allowed to say publicly says “The manager picks the team he thinks best to do the job. And obviously the players aren’t in any position to question who the manager picks. Whoever he picks, we go with that and we give it our best shot.”

Anyway, John Terry’s England position – and Capello’s – looks assured for this game at least but if we don’t qualify, the fate of either of them could be a lot less certain.




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