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Nowhere Left To Go For Ex-Chelsea Man?

Well, it’s taken six years to get there but it looks like Adrian Mutu may finally have run out of avenues to hide down.

After appealing through everyone but Judge Judy, the ex-Chelsea man turned to the Swiss Federal Court to try and get out of paying Chelsea the compensation he owes but with justice prevailing (again!), Mutu has been ordered to cough up £14.3million.

Mutu failed a drug test at Chelsea back in 2004 and since he’d clearly breached the terms of his contract, was subsequently given the boot. Completely unbothered by this, after some pretty wild partying serving his ban from football, the Romanian went off to Italy to play for Juventus. Needless to say, with nothing to show for their investment apart from the remnants of a 4 year contract in the shredder and some bodily fluids to dispense with, Chelsea wanted to recover some of the £15million they’d paid for him.

Initially, the club sought just over half of that and Fifa awarded damages of £8million – a claim also upheld by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Unwisely advised by his agent however, Mutu has chosen to fight every ruling handed down, dragging Chelsea through a lengthy and expensive legal battle. So, the fact that he nows owes his former club almost as much as they wasted on him in the first, is his own bloody fault as far as I’m concerned.

To add insult to injury though, after playing the victim from day one and finding himself unbelievable support in his battle from current club Fiorentina, Adrian Mutu turned around and did exactly the same thing again, this time testing positive for sibutramine in January. Mutu is currently serving a nine month ban for his latest offence which really couldn’t have helped his cause much and following what must have been a pretty easy decision to make, the Swiss Federal Court issued a statement reading:

“In a ruling on 10 June, 2010, the Swiss Federal Court rejected the appeal formed by Adrian Mutu against the decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The CAS ordered the Romanian professional footballer to pay a sum superior to €17m to his former employer, Chelsea Football Club Limited.

“(The court) first rejected the arguments by which the footballer questioned the impartiality of two of the three arbitrators who rendered the decision. On those merits, the federal court recalled that, in the field of international arbitration, it does not retry the case, as a court of appeal would, but can check only certain aspects very limited to the basis of recorded facts in the imposed sentence.

“In this case, the federal court had only to consider whether the amount of damages/interest allocated to the London club violated the core values that all judicial systems should follow. They came to the conclusion that this was not the case, so that the Romanian footballer’s appeal was unfounded.”

I’d say let’s hope that’s the end of it but I really wouldn’t rule out Judge Judy knowing Mutu!



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