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Steven Gerrard on Taking It Through The Back Door

Remember back in the summer when Liverpool thought this would be ‘their year’? Oh wait though, because they think that every summer don’t they?

Well, at the time I’m sure they were convincing themselves it’d be them and not Manchester United reaching their 19th title and yet ironically, as we’re all too well aware, if they get a result against us on Sunday, that’s exactly what they’ll be handing their rivals on a plate.

Still, despite the pain that would undoubtedly inflict on the scousers, Stevie Me insists that whilst there’s still even the remotest chance of Rafa walking on water them finishing fourth, they’ll be going all out for a win when they face us.

The Liverpool captain says “We’ve got a couple of games left now and the idea is to take maximum points to see if we can get into fourth through the back door. If we take maximum points, who knows? The teams above us might slip up. All we have done is keep the pressure on those above us. We are underdogs for fourth position, but our fans know that we have also got Everton breathing down our necks and we certainly don’t want them finishing above us.”

You’d have to agree with him really wouldn’t you? I mean, they did everything they could to get in the Europa League this season and they’ve obviously found their niche, so as long as Everton don’t finish above them, handing the 19th title to United couldn’t possibly humiliate them could it?



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