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Ex-Chelsea Man Still A Joker

The drug-taking antics and its consequences for Adrian Mutu is something TheChelseaBlog has reported on quite a bit in the past – largely because I believed his failure to take any responsibility for the position he left Chelsea in and the role of victim he chose to put himself in was always a complete bloody sham. Obviously in January, that theory was borne out as soon as he tested positive for a banned substance again.

Yesterday though, in spite of this being his second offence (or at least the second time he’s actually been caught), we heard his ban is likely to be a mere 9 months. In fact, if you take off the two months he’s waited for the verdict, he’ll only serve another 7 months of that time. But rather than thank his lucky stars he’ll ever get to play football again, in true indignant Mutu style, the Romanian international whinged “I feel this is a harsh punishment. It seems too much. I expected less because, yes, the mistake was made, it’s right to pay, but not so much.”

Is he kidding?

He got a 7 month ban for his first offence (which incidentally is less than a certain United player got for missing a test) and yet a repeat offence only sees him serve the same amount of time. How has he got the brass neck to complain about it? Well, the reason he has is because he’s Adrian Mutu and obviously he’s so special Fiorentina are prepared to support him no matter what he does.

You see, not only have they fought his corner when it comes to getting out of paying a penny of what he owes Chelsea in compensation for his first offence, they’re still prepared to back him in spite of the lack of respect he’s again shown his professional footballing career and actually pat themselves on the back for saving him from a longer ban, with the club stating “Fiorentina reiterates its support for the players. The club also notes that the outcome underlines the validity of the defence presented as it has allowed Mutu to avoid a two-year ban.”

As for Mutu, after he’s had his moan about the negligible ban the Italian doping Committee have let him get away with, yet again he fails to acknowledge his wrongdoing but says “I would like to add that I am sorry for having left Fiorentina without my services for the next few months, both for the club and for the fans.”

What about the fact he can’t stop shoveling shit into his system despite his privileged position as a professional footballer? What about the poor example he continues to set to aspiring youngsters? And what about the fact that he’s managed to whinge and whine his way out of paying us a penny for bloody years by playing the martyr only to show himself up as a complete and utter hyprocrite?

The man’s a joke.



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