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Chelsea Getting Credit Where It’s Due? Don’t Be Daft

Our 12 goals in three days might have boosted our goal difference above United’s, leaving us just 18 away from 100 in the league (117 overall) so far this season with an average of more than 2.5 goals a game in the league but heaven forbid we should get any credit for it eh?

Because for whatever reason, maybe Romans rubles, maybe the fact that our ever-changing managers means nobody takes us seriously anymore, it certainly isn’t us the pundits lavish their praise on every week.

Fortunately it doesn’t seem to bother our players as much as it bothers some of us though and despite certain clubs being lauded over irrespective of how their results come about, Frank Lampard says “I have seen Man United grind out a lot of results at times. There’s a certain middle ground. You want to play good football, but you need to have a fighting spirit to dig out results. And people will say that’s why ­Arsenal haven’t won anything for a few years. We have given teams some real beatings. When we are at our best, that’s what we do. It was nice against Villa because we played a bit more expansive, and you could see that when we opened them up, the ­passing was quick. I just looked back at the build-up to all the goals, even the penalties, and it was all good football. The pitch has improved. I hate to make excuses about pitches, but it was much more sure and we could be much more confident in one and two-touch passing.”

Obviously we’ll be under the microscope even more than usual when we face United at the weekend and any slip-up at Old Trafford will no doubt receive the usual burial by the press but Lampard insists “People will write us off, it is very easy to write us off from the outside. But all we can do is play football. We have put it right in the last two games but we know there are big games to come, particularly next week. We will look at that game with confidence. We understand the importance of it and United will understand that as well. We have to prepare right for it. It is nice to go into the game with confidence and out of that little rut we’ve been in.”

Not that these are ever games you could be over-confident about but the fact we’ve won all 3 of our games against United and Arsenal without conceding so far this season has to help doesn’t it? Well, according to Lampard it’s just as well we did otherwise the weekend probably wouldn’t matter anyway, with the Chelsea midfielder suggesting “It’s nice that we won those games. Thank God we did, because we wouldn’t be where we are now if we hadn’t!”

Did we get any credit for it though? Answers on the back of a stamp please.



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