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What Hiddink’s New Job Could Mean For Chelsea

So, Guus Hiddink has signed a two year deal with Turkey eh?

I don’t know about anyone else but as soon as I heard it was a four year deal, two years of which are optional, I couldn’t help thinking about the significance of that. You see, whilst the press seemed to be saying this deal is a sign that he’s decided to stay away from club football, I’d tend to disagree.

Ok, I accept my theory might just be wishful thinking (in fact I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that’s exactly what it is) but as far as I can see, there’s something pretty coincidental about Hiddink’s deal with Turkey potentially ending at exactly the same time as Ancelotti’s at Chelsea.

Oh come on, go with me on this one. Hiddink knew he had to go back to Russia last June, he always knew he’d come to Chelsea on a temporary basis to do a job. He did exactly what had been asked of him (oh, and won the FA Cup as a bonus) and despite much begging on both the players and supporters parts, he had far too much integrity to go back on his word. That doesn’t mean it was easy for him to walk away though.

Still, walk away he did but there’s clearly been plenty of contact with him since and despite interest from the likes of Liverpool and City, and it being no secret he wanted to manage in England again, he’s shied away other clubs’ interest and found himself something to tide him over that won’t make it difficult for him to come back to us at the end of his and Ancelotti’s contracts.

Sound like a plan?



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