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John Terry Sacking: Who Said What?

Right, so JT has lost his England captaincy.  As a role model, a husband, father, team-mate etc, he royally f***ed up and in terms of his England career, it’s cost him.

Personally I’m over it but needless to say, everyone from pundits to politicians have put their two-pence worth in, so let’s hear it:

Mark Lawrenson (BBC Football Expert): “It’s the only decision Capello could have arrived at. He should have resigned last week. He probably would have avoided most of the stuff we’ve read this week in the newspapers.  Primarily it’s a football decision but football is a national sport and you are a representative of the country. I think Capello has looked at it and thought it could only damage England. It doesn’t take away the fact that he’s a very good footballer, very competitive and a natural leader. It may be to England’s benefit. John Terry will still act as captain because that’s the way he plays his football.”

Mark Hateley (Former England striker): “I think it’s probably the right decision. It’s all about being ‘Team England’ at the moment. The first thing (Capello) did when he took over from (former England boss) Steve McClaren was get the dressing room harmonised. John is vocal anyway. An armband is an armband but he will be still be a captain by his leadership qualities on the pitch. I think in any England team, be it football, rugby or cricket, you should have 11 captains.”

Ray Parlour (Former England Midfielder): “We all know he doesn’t muck about with decisions. We’ve got to stick by Fabio Capello because hopefully he will bring the World Cup back to England. I think it was always going to happen.  John Terry is by far for me the best skipper in the team but Fabio Capello thinks it’s best for the squad. Rio Ferdinand will do a great job. If you’re going to win the World Cup you don’t just need one skipper, you need at least four or five around the pitch. Whatever happens in people’s private lives, the England football team is a lot bigger.”

Martin Keown (Former England Defender and general twat): “His private live had infected his professional life. (After the allegations) it’s very difficult to trust him in the same way. He’s a role model as captain and there was only one way it was going to go, Capello being such a disciplinarian. You always felt he was going to make this decision.”

Danny Mills (Former England Defender): “I don’t see how this has sorted it out. I almost see it as a symbolic gesture caused by the media furore. I don’t think Capello wanted to sack him. He will still be in that dressing room. The media circus has possibly forced Capello to rethink his strategy. Terry won’t be wearing the armband, but what has changed?”

Alan Mullery (Former England Captain): “It says to me he’s (Fabio) very, very strong.  He’s asked John for all the details and he’s made a decision. I don’t think he had any other course than to say ‘well, we’ll have to change the captain, John’.  When the manager talks to the other players, I think they will all see this situation and perhaps it may improve some of the players that have got away with things now and then.  John’s not been barred from playing football, and there’s no way he should have been. He will be at the World Cup and he will be exactly the same as before, other than (not) wearing an armband.  He’ll stay as Chelsea captain, there’s no doubt about that, and he deserves to be. But when you look at the England captain, you expect a little bit more.”

Gordon Taylor (PFA Chief Exec): “It’s not been an easy decision for Fabio to make. He’ll be hoping that this will now enable the England team to move on and focus on the World Cup. They have two lads who are in the same squad and you don’t want either of the lads to be disadvantaged by what’s happened, because they’re footballers and that’s what they want to do. There’s been some good examples where you don’t necessarily have to love or like your colleague, but when you’re on the field, you’ve got to get on with it. It’s got to be what’s good for the team.”

Gordon Brown (Prime Minister – because obviously his lot are paragons of virtue): “This decision must be for the manager and Mr Capello has made that decision. I think people will abide by that decision. I look forward to the England team doing well in South Africa.”

Fabio Capello (England Manager and axe wielder): “As a captain with the team, John Terry has displayed extremely positive behaviour. However, I have to take into account other considerations and what is best for all of the England squad. What is best for all of the England team has inspired my choice.”

John Terry (Former England Captain – hasn’t he been in the news lately?): “I fully respect Fabio Capello’s decision. I will continue to give everything for England.”

Max Clifford (Publicist of Vanessa Perroncel (who?) and all round vulture): “Vanessa would also like to add that she finds it very sad that John Terry has been dropped as England captain.”


Fair to say everyone’s got an opinion then but do we really give a toss? Well, now you’ve subjected yourselves to the world and his wife’s opinion, here’s a bit of what’s being said around various blogs and forums:


“Fabio Capello Is Expected To Name Gary Neville As The New England Captain. This Is Based On The Fact That Neville Hasn’t Got A Chance Of Shagging Anyones Bird”

 “England have shot themselves in the foot here! How they gonna get to replace…. like its been said they are hardly role models themselves. WELL DONE ENGLAND kiss your world cup chances goodbye”

“Ok JT has done wrong, but he is nothing more than a footballer, and a bloody good footballer at that. Since when has players private lives mattered when they perform well on the field. Look at the likes of George Best or Gazza, boozing and shagging their way through their playing careers, they are seen as gods. Fuck them JT, concentrate on playing well for CFC, stop fucking around, sort your private life out, you have the footballing ability to be a legend, we dont want to remember you for being a prick off the field.”

“i just cannot believe Capello has made this decision, it’s bad enough to remove the captaincy from JT……………….but fucking hell!! give to ferdinand and Stevie” fucking” G as vice, now there’s 2 fine upstanding members of the community”



“Chelsea Wherever U May Be Dont Leave Your Wife With John Terry”

“Unless he’s dropped from the team itself surely his leadership ability is still out on that pitch, he is afterall a professional..It is, as a neutral, funny to watch Chelsea fans leap to his defence and talk about private lives when a player like Steven Gerrard would get shit if it were him. It’s the same thing for every single club, people are going to by and large defend their players and excuse what they do, it’s happened for generations and will be happening long after we’ve all shuffled off this world.”

 “Its good that we have Terry out now, but as much as we all love Rio, I think England will actually suffer by having such an injury prone skipper.”

Turns out that some people do still value their morals in football, even if the Chelsea fans cooing over him don’t, with Capello deciding that shagging the mother of a friend and team mate’s child is unacceptable behaviour.”

“John Terry has done nothing wrong.  All coaching manuals state that if the full back leaves a hole, it’s the centre back’s job to fill it.”

Feel free to add your two-pence worth…….




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