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Obi Mikel: Best Man For The Job Against Arsenal?

With our defensive frailties rearing their head again in our midweek draw against Hull, John Obi Mikel could make a return to the starting line-up against Arsenal at the weekend.  Having already tried to fill the holding role with Juliano Belletti, Michael Ballack and Deco in the absence of Michael Essien, Carlo Ancelotti could now turn to Mikel to tighten things up at the back.

Mikel’s no stranger to the role having played there often enough during Essien’s last lengthy lay-off but he’s one of them players supporters seem unable to agree on. Personally, I think he’s done an adequate enough job in the past. I mean, he’s no Makelele but then who is? And whilst we’d always prefer Michael Essien, beggars can’t always be choosers where injuries come into play.

On the plus side, his strength, pace and ability to tackle mean more often than not he comes away with the ball. He’s no lightweight and doesn’t shy away from a challenge which is what you’d want from a player in that position although the odd lapse in concentration and lack of desire when it comes to tracking back often means he’s guilty of unnecessary fouls once his head is together enough to realise his man’s off on a run.

The fact that he knows how to control a ball and has an eye for a good pass come from his supposedly natural role as an attack minded midfielder and I suppose this is the problem most of us have with Mikel.  You see, if he’s supposedly so attack minded, where is his creativity? How is it that we don’t see him making the sort of runs forward you’d expect from an attack-minded player? and more to the point, when he does get himself far enough forward to take a shot the end result is a shot even my own mother would be embarrassed about?

Still, for all his faults, as long as he doesn’t do anything to provoke the ref, it has to be better than playing Ballack or Deco there against Arsenal doesn’t it?



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