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Lucky Escape For Chelsea

There’s been plenty of occasions I haven’t agreed with Tony Cascarino’s opinion but having read what he’s had to say on Robinho, this time I think he’s spot on.

Having seen Robinho’s departure from Citeh following their Carling Cup exit, Cascarino says “Goodbye and good riddance to the worst signing in Premier League history.  Not the worst player, of course: Robinho is hugely talented.  But if there was a statistic that linked cost with commitment, wages with workrate, he would be right at the bottom of the value-for-money table.”
Now obviously when I read that, whilst I was agreeing with the former Chelsea man, the old alarm bells were ringing in anticipation of the ‘Shevchenko’ shout going up. But Cascarino answers that one by suggesting “Other expensive flops failed in England because they were not good enough, not managed properly or failed to adapt to the life or the style of play.  Juan Sebastián Verón? Just not suited to the Premier League. Andriy Shevchenko? A player in a sharp physical decline. That’s forgivable. He did his best.  Robinho failed because he was uninterested. As a former player who tried to work extra hard to make up for my technical limitations, seeing someone so gifted yet so lazy disgusts me.  To me, he seems to love the lifestyle but not the game.  Maybe he felt unhappy in Manchester, but is that a reason not to bother trying on the pitch? Anyway, his problem is attitude, not location.  It wouldn’t matter whether he played in Manchester or on the moon.”
Again, I think Cascarino has it exactly right. Because let’s be honest here, what did Robinho know about Citeh before he signed for them? Well, apart from the fact they had ridiculously rich owners, he knew absolutely sod all about them.  Embarrassing at the time that Citeh were trying to announce their ‘arrival’ by signing a player who, for days before had insisted his heart was already at Chelsea, but even more embarrassing that his total lack of interest in the club he ended up at was so blatantly obvious on the pitch.  A point Cascarino also makes when he says, “The signing was supposed to be a statement of intent from City, but it hasn’t projected the image that they’re a big club — just a naive one with more money than sense.  Everyone in the game knew he was trouble when he was at Real Madrid, but City still jumped in and pinched him from under Chelsea’s noses.  What a lucky escape for Chelsea.”   

Too bloody true!



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