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Mutu Does Chelsea A Favour At Last

After writing endless articles about Adrian Mutu over the past year or two – most of which probably talk about him in derogatory terms – TheChelseaBlog would now like to thank him.

No, he hasn’t paid up what he owes but his latest misdemeanour certainly hasn’t done Chelsea any harm. In fact if anything, after years of playing the victim and making us out to be the bad guys, the fact that  Mutu has got caught out after another drug test, looks to have vindicated us of getting shot in the first place.

Yep, once a bad boy always a bad boy (in Mutu’s case anyway) because reports confirmed yesterday, he’s been messing about with the chemicals again.  Apparently, in a bit of a déjà vu moment, Mutu has been invited to take a drug test and subsequently failed.  A bit surprising really after getting sacked for it once in his career already. Then again, his taking of the moral high-ground as far as that was concerned, had him saying  “I think I have amply paid for an error of youth which is light years away from the man and footballer I am now.  Today after so much time, that error cannot be the basis of a demand for damages that seem to go beyond the realm of sporting sanctions, given that Chelsea unilaterally decided to terminate my contract.”

Hmmm, so if in that whole episode has been put down to ‘an error of youth’, what’s this – a mid-life crisis? Either way, he’s well and truly used up the sympathy vote.



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