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If The Boot Was On A Chelsea Foot…..

There seems to have been a lot of fuss since the Citeh – United game, specifically around Gary Neville’s reaction to his former Argie team-mate’s ‘celebrations’ – and seeing as the world and his wife have given their opinion on it, TheChelseaBlog doesn’t want to miss out on the raging debate it seems to have whipped up.

It seems the country’s divided into those who think Gary Neville behaved like a petty, pathetic schoolboy’ and those who think the FA are making the usual mountain out of a molehill. And that’s before we even get started on the opinions around the Argie’s provocation.  So, was Neville right?

Well, looking at it from a Chelsea supporter’s point of view, I know exactly how I would have felt with Tevez behaving the way he did. So, from that point of view, imagine Joe Cole going somewhere as low class as Citeh for money – because let’s face it that’s the only reason they’ve got players like Adebayor, Barry, Tevez, Robinho (who all expressed preferences to play at clubs other than Citeh before they signed .

Now I know you’re all reading this thinking I’ve completely lost my mind because Joe Cole wouldn’t touch that second rate outfit with a bargepole but just humour me here.  So, he signs for them – having given it all the ‘I love this club’ claptrap – and then he scores against us.  Really think about that for a minute.  Now remember, he would have promised us if that ever happened he wouldn’t celebrate in front of us – so, now imagine him running around like a cocky twat in front of our bench cupping his ears when he scores.

Reckon you might be a bit narked by that? I mean obviously it’d be completely shameful to give it the whole ‘I love you all’ bullshit then sod off to the highest bidder in the first place but to turn around and take the piss when presented with the first opportunity to do so – I’d say it’s a fair bet most of us would be pretty disgusted.

So, now imagine it was someone like John Terry or Frank Lampard warming up. Bloody right we’d expect them to show him the finger. In fact, if it was Didier Drogba on the sidelines, it’s a fair bet he’d get a bit more than that!

Does anyone really think Neville wasn’t completely justified?



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