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JT Running The Club Joe Cole Plans To Quit…..Apparently!

Surprising just how far out of context the press can take a story to make headlines eh?

Just yesterday, TheChelseaBlog delighted in John Terry giving credit to fellow senior players but whilst I saw this as him acknowledging he isn’t the be all and end all at the club – and indeed, stating clearly “That is what matters, Chelsea Football Club – not the manager, not the players because one day we won’t be here” the rags seem to have put a completely different spin on it, coming up with ridiculous headlines like ‘I am bigger than the boss roars Terry’.

Quite how they come to the conclusion he’s suggesting that ‘the all-powerful triumvirate of himself, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba are bigger than any manager at Chelsea will ever be’ as claimed by the Daily Express, is anyone’s guess. Then again, it wasn’t that long ago the press were telling us all about Malouda slagging off Lampard, before the Frenchman clarified it for us by saying “Nothing that you could read today came out of my mouth……they (the press) did it on purpose and tried to put trouble in our team. I would say that is disgusting.”

Obviously we’d say it’s disgusting as well but not really surprising – and certainly no more surprising than the latest headlines screaming out at us from The Sun and the Daily Mirror of ‘Joe Cole Set To Quit Chelsea’.   Of course we’re all aware his contract runs out in the summer and he’s yet to sign a new one, so technically he could leave – something TheChelseaBlog has expressed concerns about already, but to come out with statements about Cole ‘demanding parity’ with other players and asking for £120,000 or £130,000 a week is blatant sensationalism without a single quote to go on.

In fact, the only quotes from Cole on the subject came a few weeks ago when he made his position perfectly clear, stating “I want nothing more than to stay at Chelsea, I love it here.  It’s not a problem. I don’t want a drama in the papers, either. You won’t hear my agent running around saying I’m going to this club or that club. I want to be at Chelsea and they know that.”

Still I’m sure the press will find some way of turning that statement round and all.



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