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Drogba’s Commitment Unwavering

There seems to be a bit of confusion in the press around Didier Drogba’s thoughts on the goings on during ACON this week.

Following last week’s gun attack on the Togo team (which in all honesty would unnerve most players out there just a bit), Togo’s Alaixys Romao claims “There was a long discussion between Drogba and Adebayor.  Drogba said he was fully aware of the psychological state that the Togo squad was in, and he too was not ready to play in this African Nations Cup.”

However, with Togo having withdrawn from the competition in the aftermath of the attack which left 3 members of their group dead, Didier Drogba himself insists the tournament should go on, saying “We are ready, but the events of Friday have left us shattered. I have spoken with Emmanuel Adebayor and it was a difficult situation for them.  We have to show solidarity with them, though, and support the decision they have taken. We are all sad to see them leave the biggest competition for African players, but that is life.”

So the Ivorian striker doesn’t really seem to be saying he wasn’t up for the competition in quite the way Romao suggests but then maybe the Togo player’s claims are borne out of anger, bearing in mind he also suggested “If it had been Ivory Coast or Cameroon; or if Eto’o or Drogba had taken a bullet, the competition would have been stopped immediately.”



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