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The Joe Cole Question

I was having a chat with an opposition supporter about Joe Cole the other night – or to be more precise, he was on about the risk of Chelsea losing Cole whilst I was telling him it won’t happen. Now though (even if I won’t be backing down) I’m beginning to wonder which one of us was right.

You see, my argument is that Joe Cole has made it perfectly clear plenty of times he wants to stay at Chelsea, so there’s nothing to worry about really.  But the flip side to that is if he’s so determined to stay, how come he hasn’t signed a new deal yet? It was suggested to me this could be because the club are yet to offer him a deal worth signing and whilst I might argue Cole has made it clear he won’t be dragging Chelsea through the press over a contract because money isn’t his motivation, I suppose even I have to concede his agent will still want any new contract to reflect his worth – particularly in comparison to what some of his fellow tem-mates are paid.

But what is his worth to Chelsea?

Well, for me and a fair few others, he’s priceless – but whilst my views on Joe Cole are well documented they’re not necessarily agreed with.  Certainly not where managers are concerned anyway because not only does he constantly have to prove himself, he’s completely underused. Yet again this season, since coming back from nine months out, his inclusion has been sporadic. Personally, I can’t quite work that out because it’s not as if there’s been anyone putting in performances worthy of keeping him out. And whilst some might throw in the old ‘inconsistency’ chestnut, I’d have to ask how easy it is to build up that consistency if you’re only getting half a game here and there?

So, with his contract up in the summer, no new deal struck and Joe Cole being far too good a player to be wasted on a bench, I’m beginning to think my argument that we won’t lose him is wearing a bit thin.



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