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John Terry Shamed By His Dad

What’s that old saying? ‘You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family’. Something tells me our captain might be wishing that wasn’t the case right now because unfortunately for John Terry, his dad has been caught red-handed – selling cocaine.

In a really embarrassing set-up by the News of the World, Ted Terry sold an undercover investigator 3 grams of coke stating “The stuff’s all right. I get off on it.” Even more embarrassingly, he goes on “This is just between me and you. DON’T tell him that I’m John Terry’s dad. I can’t have this going back, I’m not saying that they’ll say anything, but you never know.  You CAN’T tell them I’m John Terry’s dad. I’ve just got them a load of gear.”

Now I’d love to say this is all merely “alleged” but the whole expletive-laden ‘deal’ is caught on tape and I’m not sure it’d make for a cosy Terry-family night-in’s viewing. Not exactly a popcorn moment you might say.

It begs the question though – why? Why, just 3 days before his son is involved in one of the biggest games of the season, would Ted Terry be selling coke in an Essex bar? His son earns £160,000 a week and has lashed out on luxuries like holidays, Rolex watches, and a house for his dad, could Ted Terry really have been so desperate for the £40 profit? And coming just 7 months after his mum’s been fined for shoplifting, you’d have to think neither of them really take their son’s career seriously. A fact only highlighted when, after bragging “I’m the proudest man around here, honest mate. My son. . . I’ve been very fortunate with what he’s achieved”, Ted Terry goes on to say “My lifetime dream is to see my son put a West Ham shirt on.  I’d die a happy man to see him walk out that tunnel.”

Oh dear Lord, just when you thought the drug dealing was the worst thing he could do – that statement really is shameful!



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