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Chelsea Won’t Get A Penny Back Off Mutu Now

The last we heard from Adrian Mutu, he was planning a bit of a chat with Roman Abramovich and talking about making us some kind of ‘proposal’ to repay the £14.6million he owes.  Seems that particular idea has gone by the wayside though, in favour of coming out of the whole thing looking like the good Samaritan – and not repaying a penny in financial terms.

In his smartest move for the past five years, Mutu has issued a very public open letter to Chelsea and our old mates at FIFA pleading for something resembling community service to ‘repay’ his debt.

Mutu suggests “I cannot pay such a sum and no person in my condition realistically could.  It is not an issue of intention so much as the comprehension of a rational and natural principle of inability.  I am sorry for what happened when I was at Chelsea and I have carried that disappointment within me for years.  I think that the best way to define this issue, with the reciprocal satisfaction of all parties, would be this: I pledge to make a significant donation to a charity on Florence or another Italian city that works to help youngsters who have been affected by drugs and an identical donation to a charity chosen by Chelsea and another in my country of Romania.  I absolutely no not wish to do ‘mere charity’ as much as prove along with Chelsea that our world is able to remember the real international and social importance of sport.  That football is able to overcome its conflicts to contribute to the suffering of young people who have made mistakes, sometimes encouraged by bad examples set by various elements of society, including the world of sport.  I want to show these young people they should not be destroyed, but recovered with the real values of life.”

My initial reaction – and probably Chelsea’s too – was ‘hang on a minute, what exactly do Chelsea stand to gain from this?’ particularly since they were £8million out of pocket when him and Chelsea parted company, and court costs over the five years Mutu’s dragged this out can’t have been cheap either.  After a bit of thought though, it’s starting to become clear Chelsea haven’t got a hope in hell of getting their money back now anyway.

I mean, Mutu’s not only pleading poverty and playing the victim to perfection here – all very publicly – but his timing is pretty bloody perfect and all. Lucky yes but well played all the same. For a start, with all this Fifa ban stuff going on, Chelsea are going to be reluctant to do anything else that’ll make them look like the bad guys. Add to that all his martyr stuff about setting an example for ‘young people’ in sport, and proving ‘with Chelsea that our world is able to remember the real international and social importance of sport’, and he really couldn’t be more politically correct if he tried.

So, bearing in mind the current climate surrounding Stamford Bridge and its youngsters, are Chelsea likely to dismiss Mutu’s entirely selfless offer (that’ll save him £14.6million) and hand Fifa/the press/the opposition/the world another stick to beat us with?




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