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Fifa Making A Rod For Chelsea’s Back – Or Their Own?

What the FUCK is wrong with Fifa? Have they all completely lost their minds now or what?

Oh of course there’ll be thousands of opposition supporters pissing themselves laughing over the unbelievably harsh punishment Fifa have handed Chelsea today – Arsenal have been the most notable on TheChelseaBlog, obviously forgetting their own tussles with Fifa recently, not that I’d expect any better from them anyway, but piss taking aside, I think all Premier League clubs and supporters should be very wary of today’s decision.

As a result of Chelsea allegedly ‘inducing’ Gael Kakuta to sign for them (whatever the fuck that means), Fifa have today banned Chelsea from registering any new players in the next two transfer windows. So effectively it’s an 18 month ban seeing as that’s the next time we’ll be allowed to sign anyone. Lens made an official complaint over the signing of Kakuta in 2007 and are already gloating about the ban and fine in the region of around £800,000. Obviously they really gave a shit about the player so I’ve no doubt their pleased he’ll also be banned from football for four months despite only just having return from a career threatening injury. Way to go Lens!

Fifa did issue a statement but to be honest, I really can’t be arsed repeating it. The gist of it is that Kakuta breached his contract with Lens and that Chelsea are believed to have ‘induced’ him to do so – presumably the thumbscrews make this slightly different to the usual sort of ‘tapping up’ we all know goes on.

Platini has recently made his feelings clear on the transfer of young players and naturally as far as he’s concerned there’s nobody quite like the French for doing things properly – something Chelsea may have strayed from – but is the punishment really proportionate? I won’t pretend we’re angels, the transfer might well have involved the odd nudge and wink in Kakuta’s direction – god knows it wouldn’t be the first time we’d tapped up a player but are we meant to be the only club to have ever done it, the only club to have been caught or maybe it’s simply that we’re just the only English club to have been caught? Whatever it is, we’re certainly being made an example of.

Of course, Roma have faced a similar punishment over the transfer of Phillipe Mexes although their ban was reduced on appeal to just the January transfer window. Will an English club have the same sort of reduction on appeal though? Well, time will tell because Chelsea definitely intend to appeal – and rightly so – stating they will mount ‘the strongest appeal possible’ against sanctions they feel are ‘without precedent at this level.’

It certainly seems an extremely harsh punishment – although given they’ve apparently only just realised players dive (god forbid!) – it’s little wonder Fifa have handed out such a draconian penalty for another one of football’s common practices it’s taken them a century to discover.

How far will Fifa go after this one though?



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