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Terry’s New Deal Raising Old Questions?

It’s funny but I could’ve sworn I’d heard John Terry had ‘sleepless nights’ in the days following Manchester City’s repeated offers over the summer. I’m a bit confused as to what he was doing when he wasn’t sleeping now though because in his latest statement of commitment, the Chelsea captain has expressed his ‘disappointment’ at the very idea that Manchester City even crossed his mind during any of those waking hours.

When asked if he ever gave leaving Chelsea a second thought, as already made clear last month, Terry says “No I didn’t — it was never an issue for myself. I’ve come out and I’ve spoken about it many times. I’ve been here since I was 14 years old and for a club to come in and make an offer for me — I was very honoured by that. It’s the first time in my career that someone has come in and made an official offer for me.”

So he was flattered then – and spent 23 days possibly enjoying that feeling whilst supporters were left to wonder what was going on? Although when it comes to the supporters, Terry insists “I’ve spoken to some of them — it’s been a bit disappointing, because in the back of their minds, people thought I was possibly leaving. But to spend so long at Chelsea football club and for people to not know me as well as they really should do, can sometimes be a little disappointing. I love the fans, I’ve got a great relationship with them and as I say, missing out on the Champions League — these are the things I want to win for Chelsea football club.”

Hang on a minute though John, to be fair, you had 23 days in which to ‘talk to some of them’ – 23 days during which you said absolutely nothing to stem the daily speculation, 23 days during which the fans you ‘love’ were waiting for just two words to stop all the nonsense in the press, to stop all the flack they were copping from the opposition on your behalf, all the arguments about you being ready to sell the club down the river for the money – and all you needed to say in those 23 days to put the speculation to bed was ‘I’m staying.’

A couple of words don’t seem a lot to ask really considering the sort of pedestal you’ve been put on by those fans and yet you’re ‘disappointed’ your decision not to put yourself out to say anything led to some supporters thinking there was a possibility you might actually leave?

So come on John what exactly are we supposed to believe? I mean, weren’t we also told your hanging out on a statement for 23 days had nothing to do with you wanting an improved contract? and yet here we are today being told you’re about to sign a five year deal worth close to £39million despite you still having three years left to run on your current deal.

Ok so this could all be pure speculation again, but bearing in mind we’re Chelsea supporters and not mind-readers, exactly how well do you expect us to know what’s going on in your head?



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