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Gerrard Free To Fight Another Day (or Night)

Come on, was anyone really surprised Saint Stevie got away with his Mike Tyson impression?

Of course the jury were always going to clear him of affray once they heard how fed up he gets of being ‘mithered’ in the street just because he’s famous, and how ‘gutted’ he was the DJ wouldn’t play what he wanted. Why was it exactly Gerrard expected the DJ to do what he was asked? Wouldn’t have been because he was famous would it? No of course not, the DJ should’ve just stopped being awkward I guess – then again, most people are awkward when they’ve been called a ‘prick’.

Still, the jury seemed to understand perfectly how not getting to listen to what he  wanted was provocation enough for Gerrard to start throwing his  fists about – well especially once he’d explained it was ‘self-defence’.  Mind you, since the CCTV shows no sign of the DJ raising his fists, I can only assume Gerrard was expecting his ears to be battered by the sounds of Wham or something equally as torturous. No wonder he felt the need to hit Marcus McGee no less than three times eh?

Anyway, a few well placed tears as a Dalglish statement made it clear Gerrard’s ‘never forgotten his roots’ (hence the bar brawling) a quick “sorry about the whole incident” and Saint Stevie walked away a free man to the (just as predictable) applause and shouts of “come on Rocky” from fellow dippers – no idea where we get our ideas about these stereotype scousers from though!



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