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Where Is The Love JT?

It’s funny how quickly supporters can totally change their opinion of a player. One minute he’s the best captain a club could have, loyal, committed, die-for-the-cause, etc, etc. The next, he’s no more than a mercenary, in it for the money, and he’s not even that good a defender.

For me, this change in opinion of John Terry has happened over a period of time. Not for me the whirlwind romance where one minute you’re head over heels and the next, a bit of drunk flirting down the pub ends with the mother of all rows and there’s no going back. For me it’s been a long-term relationship, you know the sort right? You’ve been together years and start to question their flaws a little more, criticise them a bit more than you used to, dare to disagree with their way of seeing things and maybe start to see them in a different light.

The trouble is, just when you start to consider life apart, they start telling you how much they love you, everyone who likes them questions your sanity for even thinking about a split from such devotion, and you just sort of fall back into the habit of being together.

So how do you get to the point where you just want rid? Well, they can make it a whole lot easier for you if they start chatting up some plastic bint down the road. Ok, so this rival for their affection will never be as loyal as you, they’re not even as attractive as you (all silicone and no substance if you like), but exciting for a bit of a fling nonetheless. The flirting gets a bit more suspicious, nagging doubts turn into full blown paranoia and with them not even bothering to reassure you anymore, you finally realise everyone was right….

They could kiss your arse as much as they liked now and you still wouldn’t want them around anymore – you’re over the arsehole.



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