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CHELSEA 1-1 Barcelona: Uefa Get The Final They Wanted?


If there’s one thing worse than losing a game, it’s being cheated out of a game in the way we just have been.

I couldn’t give a shit who played the best football or who was the better side over two legs, one side was cheated out of a place in the final and it wasn’t Barcelona. I can’t even describe how pissed off I am after some of the outrageous decisions the ref made there tonight. And whilst I totally accept they shouldn’t have gone down to ten men in the second half, the refs decision to ‘even things out’ with the sending off, in no way gave us the same advantage he’d given Barca overall.

A minimum of three penalty decisions (possibly 4) could, and should, have gone our way and any one of those would have been enough to see Barca off. Not only had Michael Essien given us the lead – with an outstanding goal – we’d held that lead up to, and even after the 90th minute. Somehow they found 4 minutes to add on and as we all know, Iniesta put them level. Shit happens – Cech hadn’t been tested all night and the rest of the players were no doubt tired enough to have a momentary lapse.

But still, that shouldn’t have been the end of the matter tonight because despite missing (or ignoring) two penalty decisions in the first half, and a second in the last 45 minutes, the ref yet again proved he was determined not to give us a penalty no matter what happened, by ignoring another blatant handball right under his nose in the dying seconds. Then again, if Barca had pulled out machete’s on us in the box tonight, you still wouldn’t have seen any of our players placing the ball on the spot anyway.

So, final whistle and we gave the papers plenty to write about, whilst the cameramen must have been wanking themselves silly. Not only had Ballack looked all set to deck the ref after the handball, but the minute the final whistle went, it was a free for all.

To be honest, I usually have a real problem with our players losing control and giving the club bad press but not this time. Drogba’s in some serious shit after his reaction – and whilst I don’t doubt some of that anger would have been about his own inability to take the chances he had against Barca over the two legs – his rants at the camera about it being ‘a fucking disgrace’ couldn’t really be argued.

Apparently some of our players were suggesting uefa didn’t want an all English final again – not that that comes as any surprise – and whilst that’s a pretty serious allegation to make (and one that I’m sure will be laughed off by most outside Stamford Bridge), even Guus Hiddink found it hard to dispute when pressed on it after the game.

Complete bullshit to go out of such a big competition in that manner. Good luck to United because they’re gonna fucking need it against officialdom like that.




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