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West Ham Boo Boys Wasting Their Breath

You have to laugh at West Ham supporters really – they don’t half know how to hang on to a grudge. Ultimately though, it’s Chelsea and Frank Lampard who get the last laugh every time.

What tickles me though is why they’ve never got over Lampard. It’s not like it would’ve bothered them to see the back of him when he moved on to a bigger club – they couldn’t bloody stand him when he played for them and they certainly didn’t rate him. I didn’t think he was that special myself at the time, well, not £11million worth of special anyway. Although it clearly doesn’t eat me up the way it does them that he’s proved us all wrong.

I guess it’s no wonder they get a bit pissed off every time they see his quality out there – the quality they couldn’t see because they were blinded in their belief that he was only ever in the West Ham side through nepotism. They have to be pretty gutted to be honest. A fact they let everyone know with their pathetic booing of one of the world’s best midfielders – which inevitably inspires him to turn in Man of The Match performances like he did against them yesterday.

Fair enough, his ever so slightly public personal life doesn’t do him any favours – and his defence of it on the radio couldn’t have been timed any worse either – but that really isn’t what bother Hammers fans and they know it.



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