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Liverpool have gone, now its time for Barcelona

The epic encounter between Chelsea and Liverpool last night has already been covered by Denise below, so no need for me to say too much about the game itself.

For the record, I would consider it as one of the most exciting European games ever. It had the lot didn’t it? Twists and turns galore. Nerves, tension, relief and a few more nerves. It was incredible viewing and a fine advert for English football.

Liverpool played their part in a big way and credit should go to them for their performance. They were positive from the start and let’s be honest – they had Chelsea rattled. However, Guus Hiddink’s men came through it by showing fantastic character and a much needed amount of bottle.

At the end of the game though, no matter how well Liverpool battled, it will be Chelsea in the semi-finals of the Champions League – not Liverpool. Incidentally, it will also be Chelsea in the semi-finals of the FA Cup this weekend – not Liverpool.

Despite all of their ‘heroics’ and ‘improvement’ this season, there is a very good chance that Liverpool will end up with no trophies at all. Then, despite talks of ‘crisis’ and ‘player unrest’, there is a chance that Chelsea could end up with two.

If Hiddink’s men are to make it to the Champions League final though, they will have to overcome arguably the best team in Europe right now – Barcelona. The two teams will meet in Spain at the end of this month after the La Liga champions defeated Bayern Munich 5-1 on aggregate in their quarter-final.

It is likely to be a very tense couple of games when Chelsea and Barcelona do battle, that’s for sure. Speaking about the prospect of
facing the Premier League side, Barca manager Pep Guardiola has said that his side have a ‘very tough opponent’ to contend with.

The Spaniard went on to say that he had no preference for either Chelsea or Liverpool, but he did admit that Hiddink’s side will
probably be ‘more attacking’ and that this is something they will have to watch out for.

There are several important games for Chelsea before travelling to Barcelona though, starting with the game against Arsenal this weekend. A place in the FA Cup final is at stake and this should be considered equally as important as the Champions League games.

Then, there are a couple of Premier League games to contend with before making the trip to Spain. It is important that momentum is
maintained and that there is no hangover from what was an emotionally draining night at Stamford Bridge.

By Thomas Rooney



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