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Should Abramovich Back-track Over Mourinho?

Yesterday saw the suggestion in the press that ‘Senior Chelsea players’ would like to see the return of TSO to Stamford Bridge. I mean, there weren’t any quotes or anything (naturally), but with us again looking for a manager when Guus Hiddink’s temporary stint comes to an end, it’s predictable the possibility of a Mourinho return would come into the equation somewhere.

Obviously, the man himself has done little to deter the press, with his suggestions about coming back one day and there’s every possibility he could be on his way out of Inter after just one season at the San Siro. Because whilst he’ll almost certainly have succeeded in delivering Inter the Serie A title, ultimately, he was brought in with the European Cup in mind. And not only has he failed to deliver in Europe but almost inevitably he’s managed to piss off half of Italy in the process and with the Italians seemingly a lot less tolerant of his shenanigans, the suggestion is he could be looking for a return to the Premier League.

It goes without saying he’ll have been linked with Man City although rumour has it he doesn’t fancy Eastlands – and why would he? For a start, they might have the money but in all fairness, Hughes hasn’t put together the sort of squad either Ranieri or Mancini had left behind for Mourinho and with him not always being the shrewdest in the transfer market, he could end up on a hiding to nothing. Either he’d fail spectacularly irrespective of the sort of spending even Abramovich couldn’t afford or he could deliver and still come out of it glory-less, having ‘bought’ it.

But what about a return to Chelsea? Would Roman Abramovich really go cap in hand just two years after sacking someone who obviously irritated the shit out of him? If he couldn’t handle the sort of PR Mourinho brought with him during his previous reign, why would he suddenly be more open to it now? Ok, so he might accept he’d be risking concrete boots and a paddle in the Thames if he pushes too hard on the Guus Hiddink front but unless he’s just tired of the whole interview process now, you’d think he’d consider all the usual applicants first wouldn’t you?

Ok, so we haven’t actually won anything since he left – even if we did finally manage to get to our first Champions League final without him – but would that persuade Abramovich to listen to his playing staff, who according to that ‘dressing room source’ (who seemingly has trouble holding his tongue), would love to see TSO given another crack of the whip?

And more to the point, would we even want him to?


Edit: off topic, how bloody high does Abramovich wear his jeans?!



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