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Could Cole Injury Have Been Avoided?

Whilst our players are out there against Juventus tonight there’ll be another one of our players wishing he could be out there doing his bit.

Joe Cole who’s been out since he suffered a cruciate ligament injury in January had been praying for the sort of miracle that would see him make a return to the squad before any potential FA Cup or Champions League final admits sadly there’s little chance of that happening before pre-season.

The Chelsea midfielder says “I am ahead of schedule.  The physios are really happy with me and how I feel at the moment is how I am supposed to be feeling. There is obviously a bit of muscle wastage in the legs so I am working on that but I am pleased.  There was always in my head a dream of a possible Champions League or FA Cup Final but the physios put the kybosh on that every time I mention it.  So my comeback target is going to be pre-season for the start of next season.”

Mind you, it’s hardly surprising he ended up doing himself serious damage in the end, bearing in mind, that like too many of our players, the treatment of the various knocks he kept picking up earlier in the season was a bit iffy under the previous regime. Indeed, Cole himself admits he’s been playing through the pain since the first game of the season. Cole suggests “That was the only game where I have not been carrying a knock.  I have just had one of those seasons with loads of injuries. A lot of the time I told the manager I am not ready but if you want me, I will do a job because that is what I am paid to do.  I spoke to the doctor and asked is me playing with this injury going to cause me any long-term damage. And if he says no, you play through the pain barrier because that is what you do. This year I tried to do it but eventually I got the big one.”

Our previous manager seems to have done a lot more damage than just our position in the table if you ask me.



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