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Takeover Talk – Just A Joke?

I was reading all these ‘takeover’ stories about us this morning and having got through several different versions on the same theme, I’ve got to say that my overriding feeling was one of disgust.

I mean just who the fuck do these Arab’s think they are?

Despite Roman Abramovich making it clear he does not want to sell Chelsea, Dr Sulaiman al-Fahim, the man behind the deal that saw Citeh become the richest club in the world appears oblivious to that, stating “It’s not entirely clear if Chelsea are for sale. But regardless of that, we first need to see if we are in a position to buy.  Given that Abramovich has invested more than £500million into the club, it would not be cheap.  And with the current credit crunch, nobody wants to be over-exposed on one deal.  But through a number of investors, there is money available to put together an offer.”

So taking people to court for suggesting he wants to sell the club isn’t enough to make his intentions over the sale of Chelsea clear then? I’d say that was pretty much crystal.

‘But regardless of that, we first need to see if we are in a position to buy’ – what the fuck? Surely if it’s not for sale, it doesn’t matter how much bloody money they’ve got? Their arrogance is just mind-blowing really.

Apparently, this Fahim bloke doesn’t appear to understand plain English either, because despite the fact that Chelsea is not for sale, he’s alleged to have drawn up a proposal with some Swiss-based firm he just happens to chair, and Holger Heims who runs the firm suggests “We have looked before at some European clubs to see if the numbers added up — and now we are doing the same with Chelsea.  I can’t go into more details at this stage.  But I don’t believe anything is ever not for sale if you come up with the right price.”

Are they all mad or just bloody stupid? Or maybe it really is just the arrogance that comes with such obscene wealth that makes them believe they can get whatever they want?

One thing’s for sure though, with them making statements like this:

“It’s not about trying to buy a football team but about a business.  You don’t make money because 11 guys run around the pitch, you make money because of all the other commercial aspects that go with a football club, particularly real estate and television rights.”

I don’t want them anywhere near Chelsea.



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