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Do Chelsea Risk Losing Joe Cole?

Hardly surprising we’re hearing stories in the press today telling us Joe Cole isn’t a happy boy.

Cole was taken off in the 84th minute against Southend on Saturday – nothing new there considering Cole always seems to be the player hauled off – this time though, his frustration was a little more apparent than usual. This time, Cole strode down the tunnel without as much as looking in his manager’s direction and now we’re hearing he wants a bit of a chat with Scolari to find out where he stands.

Could anyone blame him? I hardly think so. Since September he hasn’t been given 90 minutes in a game and whilst that’s occasionally been down to injury, more often than not he just seems the easy option for managers to sacrifice. Take the game against Fulham, does anyone have any idea why it was Cole, who was probably our best player on the field at the time who was hauled off? Because I still can’t work that one out.

How he’s remained as committed to Chelsea as he has been since he arrived in 2003, given that he’s at times had the right piss taken out of him by managers, is beyond me. He has the potential to be one of the very best players in the Premier League and he’s certainly sought after by other clubs and yet Chelsea managers continue to risk losing him.

Joe Cole has 18 months left on his current contract and up til now has seen any talks put on hold but with Tottenham and Citeh sniffing round the unhappy player, if Chelsea want to hang onto him, maybe  it’s time they started talking?



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